5 yummy avocado frozen yogurt recipes

avocado frozen yogurt recipe featured

Me and wifey recently tasted a frozen yogurt that was so yummy that it inspired me to seek out recipes to try for ourselves. Frozen yogurt are rather easy to make, especially when you have a home frozen yogurt maker.  For today’s recipe roundup, I chosen a favorite ingredient of mine: avocado! Remember, this fruit…

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4 healthy tofu ice cream recipes for you to learn

tofu ice cream recipe featured

Want to eat ice cream and yet stay healthy? How about some delicious tofu ice cream recipes that you can make at home? To help you with this, I have rounded up some easy to learn recipes from around the Web. Note: it will be much easier if you have a ice cream maker at…

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4 healthy chocolate soy ice cream recipes

chocolate soy ice cream recipe featured

Soy is one of my favorite ingredients as I love its rich and sweet favor, not to mention its nutrient value. Combine that with the bitter taste of chocolate and you got yourself a winner in my books. Today’s article will feature a few chocolate soy ice cream recipes that I found on the web….

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5 Beer Ice Cream Recipes For Real Men!

beer ice cream recipe featured 3

For those who love to have a good drink on a Saturday night, I am sure you will love these beer flavored ice cream recipes. Mixing the best of alcoholic beverage with dessert is a surefire way to some bring joy to a night of eats and drinks. In this article, I will be rounding…

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4 Must Try Salted Peanut Ice Cream Recipes

salted peanut ice cream recipe - banana peanut butter ice cream 2

One of the current trend is desert making is the salty and sweet taste. This is why salted caramel is so popular now, as you can find salted caramel favors in all kinds of desserts including our very own ice cream recipe. In this article, we are rounding up 4 delicious and easy to make…

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