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4 easy milo ice cream recipes

Milo is a common beverage in Asia. I am not sure if it is popular in the West but every kid here has drink Milo at least once in his or her lifetime. Maybe it is due to this reason that I always want to try my very own milo cream to have a taste of my childhood memories. If you have never heard of milo before, it actually taste like chocolate but is sweeter and has less of that chocolate taste.

Presented below are some of the best milo ice cream recipes I have found on the web. Enjoy!


#1: Easy milo ice cream recipe

milo ice cream recipe 1

Sneh, the owner of this blog, has done a wonderful job showing you how to make an easy and delicious looking milo ice cream without the need for any ice cream maker.  Did I mention her food photography is absolutely gorgeous? Even if you are not a cooking person, you should visit her blog to check out the lovely images.

See recipe here.

#2: Milo ice cream recipe with ice cream maker

milo ice cream recipe 2

If you have a home ice cream maker, then this is the recipe you can follow.  The recipe is easy to follow and contains very detailed instructions on how to make a tasty milo ice cream.

See recipe here.


#3: Salty milo ice cream recipe

milo ice cream recipe 3

This milo ice cream recipe has a slight twist to it: adding salt! Yup, to create that slight salty taste to a sweet Milo taste

See recipe here.


#4: Milo ice cream

milo ice cream recipe 4

Here is another recipe that involves ice cream maker. If you don’t have one, read our review on what is the best ice cream maker with compressor.  It can really help you to save time as well as effort.

See this recipe here.