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Matcha ice cream recipes you will love

Matcha as an ingredient is getting a lot of attention these days due to their health benefits and yummy taste. From milkshakes to cakes, there is a Matcha favor for almost any dessert you can think of. In this article, we will be featuring Matcha ice cream recipes created by passionate food bloggers around the Internet.  If you like to try your hand on creating some of these wonderful recipes, simply click on the link and follow their step by step instructions. It is THAT easy!


Basic Matcha ice cream recipe

matcha ice cream recipe 1

To get you started, here is a simple but delicious Matcha recipe that you can follow along. There is no addition favors. Just pure and simple Matcha and good old milk and sugar.  Can’t believe Matcha is already popular back in 2008, which is the date of creation of this particular recipe.

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Vegan Banana Matcha ice cream recipe

vegan matcha ice cream recipe

If you are a vegan eater, you can give this vegan recipe a try.  In addition to using only vegan ingredients, the creator uses some banana slices to add a richer favor to the taste.  Sounds tasty? Then give this recipe a go.

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White chocolate Matcha ice cream recipe

white chocolate matcha ice cream recipe

White chocolate + Matcha. Just hearing about this combination already gets my mouth watering.  This recipe is created by a fellow Singaporean so I am happy to share Jocelyn’s recipe here.

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Matcha ice cream recipe without ice cream maker

matcha ice cream recipe without ice cream maker

In this recipe, you will not need an ice cream maker, although I can’t really imagine doing ice cream without one 🙂 You can add azuki or red beans to the ice cream to create different texture. The two favors happen to work really well together so I strongly recommend you try it.

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