Kahlua peanut butter recipe featured

Kahlua peanut butter ice cream recipe

kahlua peanut butter ice cream 1 kahlua peanut butter ice cream 2 kahlua peanut butter ice cream

Among my most favorite things in the world is peanut butter. The creamy, nutty and full bodied taste and texture never fails to liven up a simple piece of toast, or even add some zing into savory dishes. As a child, I clearly remember the defiance towards mother’s caution of not sticking a finger into the jar of peanut butter and ‘digging’ up the good stuff to pop it into the mouth(again & again). Mom did find out eventually, but even in the late thirties, old habits die hard I guess.

One other favorite thing (yes…there are many), is perhaps coffee. I can’t imagine the world or the mornings before work without it. Inspired by the two, an ice cream made out of the 2 wonderful ingredients was a no-brainer. Additionally, thanks to a party held at the apartment the night before, there was some Kahlua brought over by a friend which was untouched.

So here goes…


How to make Kahlua Peanut Butter Ice Cream

( In sequence)

  1. Make Ice cream mix without the sugar for this recipe (see how with an earlier post here – NO EGGS this time though)
  2. Make Kahlua syrup (add 1/2 cup of caster sugar to this)
  3. Half a jar of peanut butter (even better if it’s fresh – will tell you why later in the post)
  4. Mix together + Put in ice cream machine
  5. Freeze


How to make Kahlua Syrup?

  • 500ml of Kahlua
  • 1/2 cup of caster sugar

Here’s a quick video:

kahlua peanut butter ice cream from Mark S on Vimeo.

  • Pour kahlua in a clean pot
  • Add sugar in it
  • Heat over a medium heat until sugar is melted down
  • Flame the alcohol off (PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THIS!!!)
  • Syrup should be a slightly thick consistency (able to coat a spoon with ease)

*You may choose to leave the alcohol in, but alcohol causes the freezing temperatures of ice cream to much lower, taking longer to set


Mixing them altogether…Peanut Butter + Kahlua syrup 

Check out the little video here….it’s super easy

kahlua peanut butter ice cream 1 from Mark S on Vimeo.

*I didn’t use eggs to make a custard this time round, as I wanted to try it without to see how it turns out.


The Final Product… 

kahlua peanut butter ice cream

The Verdict… 

  • No eggs used this time = The taste and texture is soooooooo different. It is a lot less luxurious and rich, additionally, the texture is not as smooth and lucious
  • Remember what I mentioned earlier about using fresh peanut butter…The texture of the ice cream here tasted particularly ‘oily’ & ‘waxy’ even, and I believe this has to do with the hydrogenically processed peanut butter used. (No wonder they last forever in the jars without spoiling. So somehow, during the churning of the ice cream in sub zero temperatures in the Whytner Ice cream maker caused some sort of reaction causing the texture to turn out as such.
  • I’m making my peanut butter from scratch from here on forth….no more of this processed crap.