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Cool bacon ice cream recipe you should try

I have recently fallen in love with bacon ice cream after trying the version from Burger King. This prompted me to look into making one in my home. Bear in mind, I already spent a few hundred dollars buying what I considered to be the best ice cream maker in the market.  So, I should make full use of it by experimenting with different favors such as this sweet and salty bacon ice cream recipe.

In this roundup, I have looking at how others have created this unique and delicious recipe. As far as I am concern, I have not seen any professional chefs demonstrating how to create a bacon ice cream on TV so these online recipes is the best option currently.


#1: Brown sugar maple bacon ice cream recipe

maple bacon ice cream recipe

Here is an interesting recipe. According to the creator, nothing make bacon tastes better than maple + brown sugar. If she is correct then this ice cream recipe that uses such a combination should taste wonderful. Can’t wait to try this.

See recipe here


#2: Coffee bacon ice cream recipe

coffee bacon ice cream recipe

Another interesting combination. This time, it is bacon + coffee. The bitter, salty and sweet taste should surprise your tongue. So coffee lovers, this is a must try recipe.

See recipe here


#3: Regular bacon ice cream

bacon ice cream recipe

If you want a no frills bacon ice cream, then this recipe is for you. It uses mainly brown sugar and bacon for the taste, without adding any of the other ingredients that we have talked about above.

See recipe here


#4: Praline bacon ice cream

bacon ice cream recipe

For a rich and creamy bacon ice cream, you can do no wrong with this recipe from  According to the creator, the taste is ‘magical’ as it combines the “savory, sweet and slight spiciness of the bacon” with the coolness of the ice cream.