Cool bacon ice cream recipe you should try

bacon ice cream featured

I have recently fallen in love with bacon ice cream after trying the version from Burger King. This prompted me to look into making one in my home. Bear in mind, I already spent a few hundred dollars buying what I considered to be the best ice cream maker in the market.  So, I should…

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Matcha ice cream recipes you will love

matcha ice cream recipe featured 2

Matcha as an ingredient is getting a lot of attention these days due to their health benefits and yummy taste. From milkshakes to cakes, there is a Matcha favor for almost any dessert you can think of. In this article, we will be featuring Matcha ice cream recipes created by passionate food bloggers around the…

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5 must try brownie ice cream recipes

brownie ice cream  recipe featured

Brownie and ice cream goes together like peanut butter and jelly. The combination can be delicious and leave you craving for more. In this article, we are going to feature some interesting brownie ice cream recipes that you will enjoy making on your own with your ice cream maker.   #1: Chocolate fudge brownie ice…

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Pumpkin ice cream sandwich recipe

pumpkin ice cream sandwich recipe feature

Ice cream sandwiches are becoming one of the hottest trend if dessert making. Not to be fallen behind, here is an article that round ups a particular type of recipes, mainly pumpkin ice cream sandwich recipe.  I choose pumpkin because it is currently hot favor among folks who loves making ice cream so why not…

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4 easy milo ice cream recipes

milo ice cream recipe featured

Milo is a common beverage in Asia. I am not sure if it is popular in the West but every kid here has drink Milo at least once in his or her lifetime. Maybe it is due to this reason that I always want to try my very own milo cream to have a taste…

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6 wonderful pistachio frozen yogurt recipes

Pistachio frozen yogurt recipe featured

After rounding up some tasty avocado frozen yogurt recipes, I want to continue featuring some other delicious recipes that you should try. Today’s article will focus on pistachio frozen yogurt recipes. It is not a favor that is liked by everyone as some might be turned off by its unique taste. However, if you are…

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5 yummy avocado frozen yogurt recipes

avocado frozen yogurt recipe featured

Me and wifey recently tasted a frozen yogurt that was so yummy that it inspired me to seek out recipes to try for ourselves. Frozen yogurt are rather easy to make, especially when you have a home frozen yogurt maker.  For today’s recipe roundup, I chosen a favorite ingredient of mine: avocado! Remember, this fruit…

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