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Ice cream. (yum yum)

If there’s one thing that gives cool comfort and a little reprieve in living in a warm tropical city…it has to be indulging in that frozen sub zero dessert. Every lick, every drip, and every scoop of the sweet creamy goodness (fruity if you’re having sorbet) seems to soothe and satisfy every single time.

While there’s a dime and dozen of famous pints of the frozen goodness out there to be purchased, nothing beats making your own. Besides, if you do read the labels printed on these pints out there…it’s not surprising to find other ‘alien’ sounding ingredients aside to cream, milk, sugar, eggs (sometimes) and naturally derived flavorings (i.e. additives & emulsifiers & stabilizers with names sounding like they came from a chemistry lab). Furthermore, we’re further inspired by the boutique chains of innovative ice cream shops popping out all over the globe during our travels. From Humphry Slocombe in SF, to Fell + Cole in Seoul(created by a personal friend of mine, and many many more. Since we’re at it, a quick search see National Geographic featuring an article on “Top 10 places to Eat Ice Cream” (on http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/top-10/ice-cream-parlors/).

We’re not prudes or purists really. We’re just inspired to make our own, and just have plenty of joy making it with great natural ingredients. Thus, let me welcome the latest addition to the family… The Whynter Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker.

Can hardly wait to crank it up and get it churning….more to come.

Whytner ice cream maker

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