Pistachio frozen yogurt recipe featured

6 wonderful pistachio frozen yogurt recipes

After rounding up some tasty avocado frozen yogurt recipes, I want to continue featuring some other delicious recipes that you should try. Today’s article will focus on pistachio frozen yogurt recipes. It is not a favor that is liked by everyone as some might be turned off by its unique taste. However, if you are a fan of pistachio, you should definitely give these recipes a good. For an easier time, you might consider getting a home frozen yogurt maker.


#1: Yummy pistachio frozen yogurt recipe

Pistachio frozen yogurt recipe 1

Don’t this picture just makes me want to eat it immediately? If so, just skip to the link and see how to make this fantastic looking dessert.  In this recipe, there is no need for any ice cream machine as she uses Greek yogurt with some freezing to achieve the results.

See the full recipe here.


#2: Mango and pistachio frozen yogurt recipe

Pistachio frozen yogurt recipe 2

Here is an aspiring food blogger who has adopted a tasty looking mango and pistachio frozen yogurt. Although she claims that her food blog is currently far from what she wants, I think it is already a success as I enjoy eating it. If you want good recipes with pretty images, you should visit her blog.

See the recipe here.


#3: Pistachio gelato recipe

Pistachio frozen yogurt recipe 3

If you don’t really fancy a frozen yogurt, I have sneaked in a gelato recipe here that also uses pistachio as the main ingredient. For those who don’t understand any of the steps, feel free to ask the author as I saw that she answers to almost all the blog comments.

Check out her lovely recipe here.


#4:  Pistachio froyo recipe

Pistachio frozen yogurt recipe 4

Despite having a wide range of appliances at her disposal (including an ice cream maker), she uses a simple approach to making this delicious looking dessert. Just some off the shelf frozen yogurt with a mix of ingredients is all you need to make this wonderful dessert. Easy to do and delicious to eat.

See her recipe here.


#5:  Salted pistachio frozen yogurt recipe

Pistachio frozen yogurt recipe 5

If you are a salted caramel fan, you are in for a treat. Here is a salted pistachio frozen yogurt recipe with some bananas thrown in. The interesting thing is that the creator has made the yogurt into a popsicle so that it is easier to eat.

Try the recipe here.


#6: Must try pistachio frozen yogurt cone

Pistachio frozen yogurt recipe 6

The author make this recipe for her friend who is moving away. It is nice story and adds a lot of human touch to a recipe article. If you enjoy such personal stories, visit the blog and read while learning how to make pistachio frozen yogurt at the same time.

See the article here.